Young Africans Sports Club, also locally knows as "Timu ya Wananchi" which means The citizens' team, is a Tanzanian football club based in Kariakoo, Dar es Salaam. The club's home games are played at the National Stadium. It is the biggest historic and most successful football club in Tanzanian football history with a total of 27 league Titles. It is also the best football club in east and central Africa.

Subsequent to its establishment in 1935, its members squabbled over their team's poor performance and results. The club had an even poorer and unsatisfactory performance in 1936 that caused some of the members to split and form another team. The proponents of breaking away were Arabs who saw fit to cause conflict among the club members that led to a split. They succeeded and together with dissidents, formed a club known as Queens F.C. The name was later changed to Sunderland and then to Simba S.C. which is the club's current name.

The two teams, Young Africans S.C. (Yanga) and Simba S.C. have been rivals ever since. The teams makes up one of the most entertaining, eye-catching and talked about derbies in Africa. Young Africa has been very hopeless in the past 3 years since the billionaire who was the guarantor of the club, Mr. Yusuf Manji suffered a massive drop in wealth after being associated with illicit drugs trade whereby he was charged and later acquitted.

The team's colours are yellow, green similar to the colours of the Tanzania ruling party, CCM.

Young Africans S.C. is the second most successful Tanzanian football club; second to Simba S.C., the current Champions of Tanzania. The club has also secured several other international trophies as CECAFA cup.

In February 1974 Young Africans played a friendly match in Espírito Santo, Brazil country football, the stadium Engineer Alencar Araripe against Desportiva Ferroviária losing 8–0.

Shabani Nonda is the most notable player to play for the club. He had a stint with Yanga in the middle of the 1990s before heading to Vaal Professionalsbased in South Africa. Other prominent players who have played for Yanga are Elias Michael (goalkeeper), Maulid Dilunga, Sunday Manara "Computer" and Kassim Manara.

Currently, Yanga is in a serious economic crisis whereby the team has to rely on contributions from fans to run the club. Yanga has been trophyless for the past 2 years with a very shameful performance.

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